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The I2Shop system facilitates accepting of magnetic card (in the  future also smart card) payments using payment terminals or intelligent PIN-pads. The new system also improves security by requiring to enter PIN code. The I2Shop system is intended for medium and larger stores and their networks. Part of the supplied solution is new Elite 712 payment terminal. The Bull Expres 5800 payment servers, together with their software applications for the Intel/Linux platform, are another important part of the solution, for which reliability is the chief advantage. The I2Shop system uses payment terminals or PIN-pads connected into current cash registers with new software add-ons. Current LAN is used for communication with the payment server. Communication modules for authorization by the authorization center ( currently the MUZO a.s. company ) function on the payment server. There are new modules being prepared, for example for Globus credit cards issued by the Cetelem company. Modularity allows the system I2Shop to be extended and satisfy requirements of other customers as well authorization, bank and trust organizations.


Interview with Miroslav Exner, IT manager of the Globus Company

Mr Exner, since this January (2003) the Globus company uses a payment system developed by Bull s.r.o called I2Shop. What benefits for the Globus sales network do you see in the new solution?

I2shop-exnerM.E.: "There are several benefits of this solution: above all a transparent functionality division to payment solution and cash register system. There is also high throughput rate of authorization requests and payment transactions, which is very important when there are 50 - 60 cash registers operationg simultaneously. We appreciated a creation of terminal network without the need to lay more cables. The ability to run more communication modules makes it possible to build a portfolio of useful technical and marketing solutions."


Were you afraid to implement this solution just during the busiest season of whole the year - before christmas?

"Due to the circumstances, we could not choose a deadline. We have weighed the risks already in solution selection phase, so they were well rated and we had alternative solutions ready. On top of that, we started with the installation in our Čakovice supermarket already four weeks before christmas, and the results were so good, that we deployed the new solution in half of the houses well before the deadline."


How do you rate the cooperation with Bull s.r.o. ?


M.E.: "The project meant extensive technical as well as organizational change of our payment systems. The success criteria and deadlines were definite and there was very little time for completion. All this together with the challenge of highly innovative solution created a very positively motivated athmosphere of cooperation. With regard to hypermarket operation, the work during december took place mainly at night. Special thanks to Bull staff for that.

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