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ITIL based process management services

We provide basic ITIL standards based IT process implementation and consultation services for company process management.

ITIL is an acronyme for Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL: official website, Wikipedia: ITIL ENG/CZ). As a publication set gathering best practics and recommendations in a field of IT services represents wide spread tool used in process managed companies.

Basic ITIL characteristics:

  • Process management
ITIL brings modern process oriented IT services management (comparing to traditional function-linear management). Process means logical sequence of activities transforming inputs to any output. Any single activity fulfillment within a process is ensured by roles with predefined responsibilities. Whole the process is managed, monitored, measured, evaluated and consequently improved by the process owner (as his responsibility).
  • Customer oriented
This characteristic implies directly from the principle of ITSM (IT Service Management). All the processes are designed in consonance with demands of a customer - every activity, every single task within every process must add an advantage to customer. If an activity brings no advantage, it's redundant.
  • Unambiguous terminology
Unambiguous terminology is one of often marginalized characteristics of ITIL. The advantage appears in the moment we solve a misunderstanding caused by using same term in other meaning.
  • Platform independence
The ITSM process frame is platform independent. Actually it is possible to use it to design processes (outside the ICT area - Information and Communication Technology) in any process oriented company.
  • Public Domain
The library is available in public - it means yo can buy ITIL books and implement ITIL based ITSM processes in your company without paying any licence charges. Its public availability also helped to spread ITIL worldwide.

What advantages could ITIL bring to our company/organization?

  • ICT strategy setting according to business strategy (or activity)
  • Keeping business and user's demands
  • Successfully face up recent changes
  • Balanced dealing with other management
  • Cost, budget and sources management
  • Keep in touch with technology developement
  • Easier accepting of ICT employees and decreasing of fluctuation
  • Source and time management
  • Infrastructure management
  • Maintaining knowledges and skills

(source: Art of Technology)



Consultant companies usually name these "TOP FIVE" ITIL implementation benefits:

  • Savings in IT services operation cost
  • Improved quality and reliability of IT services (= satisfied customers)
  • Improved usage of expensive ICT sources
  • Less ICT systems failures
  • Improved communication level between ICT division employees and customers/users


ITIL based IT process implementation and consultation


Consultation services include processing and evaluation of already existing company's processes and services, internal or external. The goal is to establish or alter the processes and services according to ITIL process structure and SLM (Service Level Management) implementation including possibly needed SLA (Service Level Agreement).


SoftDeC is distributor of easyCMDB by Tech Inventions Limited for Czech Republic. Implementation and customization of this software could become part of our services offer. Read more at easyCMDB Product page.


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