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Quality management system

The concept of our Quality Management System is based on our company's efforts to meet our customer's requirements, as well as on the high quality of the products. High quality of products created by the SoftDeC Company is based on the the following principles:

  • Highly professional employees
    High quality of staff in all positions provides correct and effective project leadership starting with offer, through implementation and project documentation to user training.

  • Prevention
    The analysis of possible risks, monitoring of quality during all phases of project implementation, and continuous enhancement of employee's skills helps us to prevent production of low quality products.

  • Customers feedback
    Information gained during the project lifetime, customers' comments, results of tests, and experience acquired during the testing runs enables us to develop further and increase the product quality.

  • Precise documentation
    Detailed and full project documentation enables the project teams and customers to keep precise solution quality record and avoids misunderstandings during negotiations with customers. In the case of a need to develop a new version of an existing project, it helps to easily and effectively reopen the project.

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