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Netstar PC Operator

NETSTAR PC OPERATOR is an application intended for operators, switchboard operators and personal assistants.

It allows to comfortably manage calls and stations of a logged user (operator) Netstar_obrusing ATEUS NETSTAR switchboard.

Functionality description:

  • Displaying calls incoming on any operator station, queuing the calls,
  • incoming calls management: accepting, moving calls to top of the queue,
  • displaying caller informations from database according to caller telephone number,
  • saving notes about the caller into  the database,
  • the database containing the caller data is shared by all operators,
  • possibility to export caller data, edit them and import back to the application,
  • displaying list of previously redirected calls,  with the option to redirect them again,
  • displaying active calls on all operator's stations,
  • management of active calls: hang up the call, redirect the call to another station,
  • displaying operator's stations, status of the stations, choice of default operator's station, possibility to initiate a call from operator's station, accepting and hanging up the call, option to auto-accept calls after specified time elapses,
  • displaying missed calls, option to call back,
  • displaying call history,
  • well arranged list of switchboard users (and their stations) and user groups in tree structure,
  • displaying status of stations of all users of the switchboard (standby, ringing, speaking, etc.), highlighting the states,
  • displaying status of the user switchboards according to states of their stations (standby, ringing, speaking, etc.),
  • ability to initiate a call to any chosen station,
  • creating of personal user groups,
  • sharing information about groups with other operators,
  • displaying notes on personal telephone list,
  • searching the switchboard user list,
  • option to select windows to be displayed,
  • creating window layout profiles with (layout and sizes of columns),
  • various languages (currently English, Czech and Finnish).

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