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Technical support system provided by SoftDeC helps customers with possible issues. It is possible to send your requests (suggestions, reclamations, wishes, complaints or other messages) through the following communication channels:

Tel: (+420) 732 573 911
Web: http://helpdesk.softdec.cz
E-mail: helpdesk@softdec.cz

The goal of this service is to monitor progress and handle your requirements on time.

We would like to provide our customers an outstanding service even after the product has been delivered. We presume that the ability to turn to our technical support at any time will contribute to increase your satisfaction.

To gain access to the customer's interface fill in a registration form on the following address http://helpdesk.softdec.cz.


Why should I register? By being registered you obtain access to these utilities:

  • Continual overview of your request's status,
  • FAQ database,
  • complete overview of all applied issues,

  • and others.


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