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About our company

SoftDeC is a Czech software company established in Prague in 1995. Our main goal is to develop client software systems. The company is divided into several departments, which are able to provide a global service in the field of information technologies.


Department of software development deals with following tasks:
  • Software analysis and design,
  • implementation of software projects using various technologies and platforms
  • complete project documentation,
  • debugging
  • continuous communication witch customer

Automation department deals with projects or their parts of in the field of operation and regulation of a technological processes, particularly:

  • Design and implementation of hardware solutions,

  • design anf implementation of our own cosntrol systems (PLC based SW or open systems),

  • design and implementation of continuation systems (vizualization, interconection to customer's manufacturing systems, analysis of operation and statistics, etc.).

Testing and support department provides services not only for our customers, but also for our other departments. It provides especially these services:

  • System integration, deployment,

  • various types of testing, system qualification,

  • helpdesk,

  • data digitizing.


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